Hermit Crab Central

Comin’ Down the Mountain There are more hermit crabs on St. John than any other critter. That may not be a fact provided by the government, but trust me, St. John is Hermit Crab Central. Every year, from across the island, they descend, albeit slowly, to a single location on the shore. It is not … Read more

Jacks & Jennies

Jacks and Jennies

Jacks & Jennies Originally brought to the island for hauling and transportation, donkeys remain a big part of St. John life. Jacks (male donkeys) and jennies (female donkeys) roam freely across the island, from the hiking trails along North Shore to the tasty home vegetable gardens of the residents out on the East End, making … Read more

Tropical Caterpillar

Tropical Caterpillar

Tropical Caterpillar Meet the Frangipani (a.k.a. Plumeria) caterpillar, also known by very few as the Pseudosphinx tetrio. Found in tropical areas, they come out in droves and feast on the leaves of the Frangipani tree several times each year. Frangipani trees produce the fragrant flowers used to make leis in Hawaii. The trees are draught … Read more