Dear Vacation Me


Oh, how I miss you! When I see you again, I promise I will give you my full attention. No checking emails, no calling the pet sitter. I owe it to you. You work hard and have many responsibilities, but none more
important than taking care of your health. You can’t continue at this pace without a break – a chance to breathe. Rejuvenate. Fuel-up on fresh air, fiery sunsets, star-filled nights, and long, lazy days. You deserve this!

A few days, a week, or OMG more on that awesome little island called St. John. How long has it been since you’ve taken time for yourself to enjoy life? Time to understand (again) what is most important to you. Like every good habit, this is one you need to act on <hint hint>. See your feet in the sand, clear water lapping at your feet. Feel the warm sun on your skin as you sip a cool, refreshing Bushwacker/Pain Killer/Rum Punch/Whatever. Slip into slow, easy breathing with a smile on your face.

Wish you were here! -xo

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