Moose: A Love Story (Hope and love conquer all at the St. John Animal Care Center)

One thousand six hundred twenty eight days. That’s how much time passed for Moose before he found his forever love. And what a love it is! After being abandoned at a young age, Moose began his journey as a fortunate resident of the St. John Animal Care Center, the Caribbean’s only no-kill animal shelter. Moose’s future days may have been saved, but his path was anything put paved. Moose spent more than 5 years knowing only the selfless, caring shelter staff, rejoicing in twice daily walks around Cruz Bay. As Moose’s days ticked by, so did the surge in social media. His long stay was garnering attention and the plight of Moose saw some light. With the help of countless volunteers, including the St. John ACC and Last Hope K9 Rescue in Boston, Moose won the adoption lottery. The news of his impending arrival stateside prompted two glorious families, the Burkes and the Riggi’s, to lay the last two golden bricks in place for his road home.The Riggi’s generous donation of private air and car transportation enabled the Burke’s to adopt Moose with open arms. Moose traveled with ACC Manager Ryan Moore, whose calm demeanor could ease a squirrel. In the blink of a day, bye-bye kennel bars, hello home! Today Moose can be found romping happily in the cool air around his home near Boston, or snuggling in bed with clearly the luckiest Burke. Moose love! Read more about Moose and other amazong adoption stories on the St. John ACC Facebook page.