Where Have All the Hippies Gone? Find Hippies of all ages living life to its fullest in Coral Bay, St. John

While every community supports those within it, residents of St. John island takes that spirit to a different level. No where can that be seen more clearly than in the frequent celebrations in the gloriously rustic and peaceful harbor town on the east side of St. John called Coral Bay. St. Johnians are a loving and diverse group in general, but the heart and soul of the island was born and lives in Coral Bay. Native families who have resided in the Caribbean islands for hundreds of years mix with free-spirited “Continentals” into a colorful soup of caring characters. Fundraisers for folks in need are common in Coral Bay, like the one yesterday at Pickles in Paradise, a local hangout that is a deli, bar, restaurant, art gallery, and music venue. This particular party was organized by Bonny Corbeil to benefit Michael Beason, a longtime local resident, musician, and ice cream man who fell on unfortunate feet, or foot in this case, that now requires serious surgery. Bonny is one of many giving locals who frequently step-up and organize for those in-need. When expenses mount, love builds. Say hello to Hippie Fest! In-tune with Michael (and most of Coral Bay), residents came out in droves to celebrate life and give to a friend in need. The Hippie Fest raised more than $6,000, which is really something to sing about ♪♫. Get better soon, Michael!