Night Hike

night hiking St. John Island

Night Hike – Hiking by the light of the full moon on St. John is a spiritual experience.

On the evening of the full moon this past Friday I took the pilgrimage down to Salt Pond and hiked the Ram Head trail to the top with about a dozen other enthusiasts. The hike took about an hour, up and over and around three different bays to the top, overlooking St. Thomas, St. Croix, and the British Virgin Islands.

The view is outstanding during the day, but at night, it is breathtaking. The moon was low in the sky when we arrived, illuminating the vast seascape and making the next few hours feel like perpetual dusk – that perfect time before the sun sets, heat subsides, and peace sets in. When the land glows from the warm energy of the day, the ocean waves calm to a smooth surface, and the sounds of people talking and laughing are lighthearted and weightless. A rhythmic drum beat in the distance, growing with heart and spirit as more join us on the top. A precious moment in time when all that matters in life is within reach.

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