Carnival Days


Carnival Days St. John may be small, but it puffs up during the month of June and explodes on July 4th with the annual Carnival festival. Each of the Caribbean islands has their own form of Carnival celebration at different times of the year, and St. John’s happens to coincide with America’s Independence Day. For … Read more

Family Favorite

Family Favorite St. John’s Carnival Festival is coming to town! The month-long celebration begins in early June and climaxes on July 4th, with dancing and drinking at daybreak (called j’ouvert) that continues throughout the day with a colorful, eye-popping parade, and finishes with a final flurry of fireworks after dark. Events and activities throughout the … Read more

Caribbean Carnival

St John Virgin Island Carnival Almost every Caribbean island celebrates Carnival at a different time of year. St. Thomas and St. Croix, for example, have their Carnival festivities after Easter and during Christmas/New Year’s, respectively. St. John’s Carnival hits at the height of off-season, creating a significant occurrence on the island’s summer tourism radar. The … Read more