February is for Lovers–St. John Offers a Warm Welcome to Lovebirds

February is a time for good loving on St. John. The island offers a warm welcome to all the winter lovebirds looking to escape the grey skies and cold weather of winter. St. John is the ultimate romantic escape, whether you choose to indulge in the duty-free shops, head over to Coral Bay for a … Read more

Surfing St. John

surfing in st. john

Surfing St. John While St. John may not be known for its surfing, there are a few hidden places around the island where avid surfers can be found riding the waves. Not the safest surfing environment, even at these special spots, since reefs are dangerously close to the water’s surface. Access Reef Bay from the … Read more

Another Maho

Another Maho

Another Maho Ahh, another secret of St. John revealed: Frances Bay. Technically still part of the larger Maho Bay sits a hidden gem of a beach, just north of the beach labeled on maps as Maho Bay. Out of the way near the Annaberg ruins, Frances Bay has much to offer. While it doesn’t offer … Read more