Where Have All the Hippies Gone? Find Hippies of all ages living life to its fullest in Coral Bay, St. John

While every community supports those within it, residents of St. John island takes that spirit to a different level. No where can that be seen more clearly than in the frequent celebrations in the gloriously rustic and peaceful harbor town on the east side of St. John called Coral Bay. St. Johnians are a loving … Read more

Moose: A Love Story (Hope and love conquer all at the St. John Animal Care Center)

One thousand six hundred twenty eight days. That’s how much time passed for Moose before he found his forever love. And what a love it is! After being abandoned at a young age, Moose began his journey as a fortunate resident of the St. John Animal Care Center, the Caribbean’s only no-kill animal shelter. Moose’s … Read more

St. John in the Headlines–New York Times puts Coral Bay St. John in the Spotlight

The smallest of all the US Virgin Islands, and mostly National Park, rarely makes the news, but this week things were different. Coral Bay, the quiet “other” side of St. John, was featured in the New York Times! The smart editors of the Times ranked our little Coral Bay 4th of “52 Places to Visit … Read more

Bid Adieu to Buster

The news of the death of Buster, St. John’s domesticated one-eyed rooster, spread quickly across the island earlier this month. Owner Cheryl Geller notified close friends of the news and the sadness was shared by all who knew him. Cheryl rescued the battered chicken from a road accident in 2013 and two were inseparable ever … Read more

Hola La Luna!

Stars align before this month is over, don’t miss the rare total supermoon lunar eclipse this Saturday! The combination of a total lunar eclipse during the harvest moon has not happened since 1982 and isn’t scheduled to occur again until 2033. Visible to those of us in North America in the evening of September 27th, … Read more

6th Annual Friends of VI National Park Online Auction

This Online Auction that benefits the Virgin Island National Park is not live! The Auction runs until December 7th – so don’t miss out! Auctions on Villa accommodations, excursions, various services, jewelry, art and so much more – and remember – all proceeds directly benefit programs that protect, preserve and educate within our National Park! … Read more

The Amazing Race filmed on St. John Island

The Amazing Race

CBS has chosen St. John Island as a filming location in the current season of The Amazing Race. Filming was done in various places around St. John and St. Thomas Islands. One would notice the helicopters and sea planes as they made their rounds in the area. Not only was St. John Island chosen as … Read more