Praise for the Impressive Parrotfish


Scientists believe that the healthiest coral reefs in the world are the ones with active and happy parrotfish. Protecting parrotfish, and their equally important sea urchin neighbors, can help restore dying coral reefs and keep healthy ones growing. There are nearly a hundred species of parrotfish in the world, each growing anywhere from 1 to … Read more

St. John’s Bay Rum Trees

St. John Bay Rum Trees

St. John’s Bay Rum trees reveal the island’s history. Leaves of the West Indian bay rum tree are harvested to produce Bay Rum, a beauty and health elixir made popular in the Virgin Islands in the early 19th century. Today, the iconic palm leaf wrapped bottle of St. Johns Bay Rum can be found in … Read more

St. John Gym is Free for All–Miles of hiking trails and hundreds of places to swim make St. John the best natural gym

The first month of every year brings out the eager in all of us. Gyms across the country are packed with anxious humans lifting this and bouncing that. In a few weeks the classes will thin out and the machines will be available again. The ebb and flow of active participants is not something you’ll … Read more

Are You a Hiker, Diver, or Sloth?

One of the interesting things about living on St. John is you get to observe how people vacation – what they do, where they do it, and who they do it with. My theory is that there are 3 types of vacationers who visit St. John: Hikers, Divers, and Sloths. Hikers enjoy St. John’s National … Read more

Hola La Luna!

Stars align before this month is over, don’t miss the rare total supermoon lunar eclipse this Saturday! The combination of a total lunar eclipse during the harvest moon has not happened since 1982 and isn’t scheduled to occur again until 2033. Visible to those of us in North America in the evening of September 27th, … Read more

Dimensional Beauty

St. John Island Terrain

Dimensional Beauty One of my favorite things about St. John is the terrain. Not for the weak, or the fearful, St. John’s curved roads and hilly train are due to volcanoes that long ago lost their fizzle. After having spent some time along the East coast of the good ‘ol USA this summer, there really … Read more

Cactus Snack

cactus fruit

Cactus Snack While everyone knows you should bring plenty of water on a hike, during the hot months on St. John, you can’t carry enough. One secret salvation awaiting hikers of the arid trails are the tiny pink fruits of the Turks cactus. Both bulbous and phallic, Turks cacti are prolific across St. John’s dryer … Read more

Mango Madness


Mango Madness Mango trees are popping around St. John and anyone with a fruitful tree is now enjoying, cooking, selling and gifting mangoes. With hundreds of varieties, each tree produces a unique fruit, with a wide range of sweetness, tartness, and fiber. Many people who live here already know which trees are their favorite, and … Read more

Moon Seasons

full moon

Moon Seasons Every month on St. John the full moon brings great joy and celebration. Why? The moon serves a great purpose, beyond the tides and beyond the night light it provides. There is little to mark the passing of time here. The days are always beautiful, the nights are always peaceful, and sometimes you … Read more