Island Living

Calling St. John

All you really need to know is one number. Any number. There’s one thing that bonds all residents on St. John – the local phone book. Small, yet mighty, it’s the most used item on the desk of anyone who lives here.  The hefty official phone book from the phone company covers all of the … Read more

8-Tuff Duffer–The popular annual foot race across St. John attracts athletes and antics

It’s 5am on a Saturday and not only am I up and dressed, I’m headed to town, a.k.a. Cruz Bay.  The early bird catches the sunrise, after which I’ll be hoofing it over the mountainous terrain of St. John for 8.3 miles with almost a thousand other souls, or in this case, soles. I’m neither … Read more

Where Have All the Hippies Gone? Find Hippies of all ages living life to its fullest in Coral Bay, St. John

While every community supports those within it, residents of St. John island takes that spirit to a different level. No where can that be seen more clearly than in the frequent celebrations in the gloriously rustic and peaceful harbor town on the east side of St. John called Coral Bay. St. Johnians are a loving … Read more

Villa, Hot Tub, Massage – Oh My

St. John has more vacation villas than hotel rooms. In fact, only Caneel Bay resort and a few independent condo owners rent rooms by the night. Almost all visitors to St. John are here for a week and learn pretty quickly the advantages of a villa vacation. Having taken them myself, I can tell you: … Read more

All That Glitters

All That Glitters When I first moved to St. John I didn’thave a car yet, so I was a frequent passenger of the open air taxi cabs that travel up and down the famous North Shore road carting eager beachgoers.  I sat stuffed-in with wide-eyed day trippers who strained for a glimpse of the bright … Read more

Cell phone tips when visiting the island

Can You Hear Me Now? Cell service on St. John is fantastic these days, in most places, most times. Hey, that’s as good as it gets here! If you have AT&T or Choice, smooth sailing. Other carriers? You may have some trouble. Trouble might be spelled “high-rates,” “no service,” or some combination of the two. … Read more

Sunny Time

Friendly Residents

Sunnytime Winter may bring snow birds and visitors looking for a warm retreat, but summers are what St. John residents revel in. Flat seas, uncrowded beaches, cool evenings, and warm waters. Sure, we might get “a weather system that shall not be named”, but we don’t live day-to-day in fear of something over which we … Read more

Daily Doses


Daily Doses Many people assume that if you live on St. John you spend days leisurely drinking bushwackers on the beach. While it’s true that a bushwacker may be within easy reach at a moment’s notice, life on St. John is actually more mundane. We work. We shop for food. We get gas. Our cars … Read more

Hours of Operation

island time

Hours of Operation On St. John, island time is a real force of nature. Unlike standard time, island time is independent of outside forces and exists in a spiritual state of peace and calm. Hustling? Rushing? Anxious? Anticipating? You’re not on island time. Island time requires understanding, patience, and love. Without those three, you’ll never … Read more