Irma Updates

November 13, 2017

National Park Update After Hurricane Irma, Reef Bay offers hikers more view, less shade – for now. Experience new views of the water all the way down Reef Bay trail on St. John. Visitors can follow the clear path from Centerline Road down to Reef Bay and enjoy the history of the sugarmill and petroglyphs, … Read more

November 10, 2017

More than 2 months later, the vast majority of St. John is still without electricity. Hopes are high, but progress continues to be slow. An injured BTE employee set back the schedule, but progress can be seen. Parts of Cruz Bay are up and running with electrical power and mail and packages are now flowing … Read more

Chateau Bordeaux – Then, Now, and Soon To Come

Chateau Bordeaux

Nearly two full days after Hurricane Irma passed through St. John, Jerry was still hacking his way through the fallen debris around his home atop Bordeaux Mountain. He walked west from his home along Bordeaux Mountain Road, climbing over fallen trees and electrical lines, seeing views of Reef Bay and beyond that were now clearly … Read more

October 27, 2017

On the evening of Friday, October 27th, 50 long days after Hurricane Irma devastated St. John, a small section of Cruz Bay finally saw the light. Residents and businesses in Cruz Bay, in the section from Wharfside Village to the police station, began plugging in their fans, stuffing their refrigerators, and flicking on house lights … Read more

What Really Happens After a Hurricane


Island residents don’t evacuate before or after a hurricane because there’s nowhere to evacuate to. The local advice is to hunker down with plenty of canned food and water in the most protected concrete room in your home (or someone else’s concrete house if yours happens to be made of wood, or you live on … Read more