Turquoise Waters

Diving in turquoise water

Taking a Dive – Going beneath the turquoise waters around St. John to discover amazing scenes. I admit it: I’m not typically comfortable scuba diving. The heavy equipment strapped to my back, the tight ankle-to-neck suit, the crowded rocking, dark water as far as I can see, the possibility of death – you know, the … Read more

Are You a Hiker, Diver, or Sloth?

One of the interesting things about living on St. John is you get to observe how people vacation – what they do, where they do it, and who they do it with. My theory is that there are 3 types of vacationers who visit St. John: Hikers, Divers, and Sloths. Hikers enjoy St. John’s National … Read more

A Shore Thing

Kiddel Bay

A Shore Thing St. John’s multitude of cays and bays offer divers the opportunity to hit the deep by launching straight from shore. Kiddel Bay, for example, an unmarked area whose access is just after Salt Pond, is a peaceful round rock beach with easy parking (once you make it down the steep, rocky road) … Read more