November 10, 2017

More than 2 months later, the vast majority of St. John is still without electricity. Hopes are high, but progress continues to be slow. An injured BTE employee set back the schedule, but progress can be seen. Parts of Cruz Bay are up and running with electrical power and mail and packages are now flowing again from the post office to island mail centers, including: Connections, PostNet, and Keep Me Posted. Barges to and from St. Thomas are running, but on a limited schedule. Mister B, the largest barge, was damaged, but is floating and docked for repair at Enighed Pond. Gas is available at both E&C and the Race Track (near the Westin), although diesel is still in short supply. Food stores have non-perishable items. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafood continue to be tough to come by.

The Virgin Islands National Park beaches are open, although select areas will be closed in the coming months as park repairs are scheduled. Trails will become open slowly, as crews of volunteers hack through the brush. One of the longest, and most destructed, trails (Reef Bay) should be fully cleared and fit for hikers before November ends!

Wondering what’s open for business and what places to rent on St. John after Hurricane Irma, checkout our of businesses as they recover and rebuild.

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