Turquoise Waters

Diving in turquoise water

Taking a Dive – Going beneath the turquoise waters around St. John to discover amazing scenes.

I admit it: I’m not typically comfortable scuba diving. The heavy equipment strapped to my back, the tight ankle-to-neck suit, the crowded rocking, dark water as far as I can see, the possibility of death – you know, the usual. But on St. John the dives are different. Sure, you still need the oxygen tank if you want to stay under for awhile, but everything else is optional. The warmer waters, especially during the summer months, make wearing skins optional. The awesome off-shore diving locations mean you can enjoy a good dive without a boat.

Dives on St. John are also transparent – literally. Before I go in, I see where I’m going. Crystal clear understanding of what’s down there because I can see it without getting wet. Go for a shallow dive of 10-20 feet around St. John and experience everything scuba diving has to offer without all those scary bits.

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