Shades of Blue and Green

Shades of Blue & Green

Beautiful Blues and Greens at Trunk Bay, St. John IslandWhile they say Eskimos have more words for snow than the rest of the world, the same must be true for Virgin Islanders when it comes to expressing the colors of blue and green.

Looking out at the waters and surrounding lush mountains of St. John, I struggle to find the right combination of words to accurately describe the scene. I can say “crystal blue waters,” but those words, while accurate, don’t give justice to the depth of color your own eyes will see when you look out at many of the majestic overlooks along North Shore Road on St. John. Blue, teal, turquoise, aqua, olive, lime and sapphire are just the beginning! Throw in some adjectives and we could be here all day – pale blue, pea green, electric blue, moss green, slate blue, sea green, baby blue, army green, green blue, blue green, pastel blue, mint green, navy blue, grass green, midnight blue, forest green, oh my!  Might as well make it easy and just call the color “St. John.” Done.