Rain Rules the Day

Rain Rules the Day

Rainbow on St. John Island

St. John has been getting a steady stream of rain daily, just enough to keep the forest well rooted, yet not so much that it would ruin a good beach day.

Rain is a rarity here, as are grey skies and gloom. Because we see sun and bright blue skies nearly all the time, anything falling from the sky is exciting. Excitement takes on a whole new meaning come hurricane season, but that’s a thought for another day.

Today we are praising the glorious morning rain, as it sustains the birds, plants, critters and trees, as well as the spirit of those who live here.  Just a few days a year (more if you live on Bordeaux Mountain) we are blessed with rain all day. The ultimate day off, as most businesses, and even some homes and cars, on St. John Island are without overhead shelter.

A good long rainy day will fill the local grocery stores with eager shoppers looking for soup fixings, or some other comfort food, that will soon fill their kitchen with the rich smells of a classic St. John snow day… But not today, the rain is already done and the sun is beaming warm and bright. Shoot, another perfect day in paradise!