Max Relax

Max Relax

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With only a few nightly resorts left, most visitors rent a home on St. John Island instead. The island boasts more than a thousand luxury vacation villas you can rent by the week!  Villa guests repeatedly recount their villa vacation experience as the most relaxing time of their lives.  Quotes like “the best vacation I ever had,” riddle the villa guest books here.

How can everyone be so pleased?

Certainly being “relaxed” means different things to different people, so how does a St. John vacation satisfy so many?  It starts with the fact that the entire house is all yours. Unlike a hotel room, where you are assigned a bedroom within a much larger public space, a vacation villa is a fully equipped private mini-mansion that is all yours for the week (or more). A little snooze in your private hammock? A little snack on your private deck? A little dip in your private pool or hot tub time at any hour of the day or night?

There’s little you can complain about when the choice is always up to you. Whether you’re 8 or 80, shuffle or run, or choose to worship the sun or the shade – a villa vacation on St. John gives your entire party a relaxing home base from which you never need to leave.

Should you want to venture out, St. John is overflowing with fun things to do.