Hola La Luna!

full-moon2Stars align before this month is over, don’t miss the rare total supermoon lunar eclipse this Saturday!

The combination of a total lunar eclipse during the harvest moon has not happened since 1982 and isn’t scheduled to occur again until 2033.

Visible to those of us in North America in the evening of September 27th, the earth will be passing between the sun and the moon starting about 9pm ET. The earth’s shadow turns the moon a red color, which explains why it’s also called a Blood Moon.

Full moons on St. John are always fun, but this one serves to be extra special. Many here will be hiking Ram’s Head trail to its highest plateau, where steep cliffs dive hundreds of feet below to meet the water. It’s where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic, and the absolute best place to see the moon rise. With the moon showing above the horizon just after the sun sets, mother nature lights the mile long trail across round rock and coral covered shorelines and steep, dry hills.

Flashlights are recommended, especially since the eclipse will not be over until well after midnight. See you up there!