Creative Crab

Festive Crabs


As a simple island observer I can tell you that the hermit crabs have returned from wherever they’ve been the last few months. Recently the visits have dramatically increased in number, as dozens can be heard rustling around the roots of the trees in the yard. I have no idea what they’re doing, so of course I must know.

They come and go for months at a time and why is anybody’s guess. I have a neighbor who is obsessed with them. She has a cage the size of a car where she houses them while they pick out a new outfit (i.e., hand painted shells). She feeds them cat food and apples and prefers a hefty sized pack “for maximum rustling”.

Once little hermie has moved into his newly pimped shell, she releases them to roam free wherever they want. I must say, it does brighten my day when one of them crosses my path, painted bright pink with a winking eyeball and the name Greta spelled across the back.  Other islanders report seeing the festive crustaceans tiptoeing around. I really hope that someone catches the migration on film again this year, because this group should be far more colorful. Go get ‘em Greta!