Far Out Music

Far Out Music

For more than a year local musicians John “Johnny B” Bullock and Lauren Magnee have been hosting Open Mic night at Concordia Cafe at the Concordia Eco-Resort on St. John. Ten miles beyond Cruz Bay towards Salt Pond, this small, out of the way location has become the go-to place for musicians and music fans alike.  Every Monday the line starts to build at 3pm, despite the fact that the cafe doesn’t open for another two hours! Those in line are typically regulars, who have experienced the show and anticipate the excitement far more than those who are new to the scene.

When the rope crossing the entrance is removed, eager adults clammer for a good table like a herd of first graders released for lunch. Within minutes the list of willing performers begins to grow, as musicians both talented and in-training work up the nerve to share their songs with the receptive crowd.


Each act is more heartwarming than the next, and the atmosphere is brilliantly buoyant as Lauren and Johnny B welcome the brave and introduce them to the appreciative and receptive standing-room-only audience.

Looking for a classic Love City experience? Head to open-mic at Concordia Cafe on Mondays from 5pm-8pm in-season and play with friends both new and old!