End of Hurricane Season

110915-end-of-hurricaneFor many, November marks a chill and a chance to hunker down at home. For residents of St. John island, November marks the end of a stressful hurricane season full of weather reports, storm tracking, and stocking-up. The months between May and November can bring some angry wind and water our way, so those who live in target areas are a little more tense than most. While the preparation and news watching are obvious physical tasks, the season takes its toll and raises anxiety in tacit ways. When we successfully make it to the other side of October, the collective sigh of relief is a welcome cool breeze over the island as the energy returns. The first sign can be seen at Halloween, when sane adults celebrate by turning into toddlers and dressing like superheroes, or bacon. Once November hits, snowbirds and seasonal visitors begin arriving, villas get scrubbed, maintenance punch lists get tackled, and the music gets turned up a few notches.