Cell phone tips when visiting the island

Can You Hear Me Now?

Cell service on St. John is fantastic these days, in most places, most times. Hey, that’s as good as it gets here! If you have AT&T or Choice, smooth sailing. Other carriers? You may have some trouble. Trouble might be spelled “high-rates,” “no service,” or some combination of the two.
Beware of “LIME,” which may show as the carrier on your phone – even AT&T customers are especially susceptible to these charges.
If you have AT&T mobile service, you may want to invest in a call to AT&T customer service (#1-800-CALL-ATT) before you travel and request a block on roaming to the BVI. Most residents on St. John who have AT&T and encountered this problem now have the block and life is good. No more monthly calls to contest the bill. Clear connection (most of the time). Life is good.