The Zombie Apocalypse comes to St. John Island!

On September 2, 2017 St. John island will be overrun by zombies. Introducing Void Deck Games – the company who will infest the island with zombies in this immersive survival game called Pulau Zombie (complete with “survival guide”). Those who would like to participate (survivors of the Apocalpyse) can purchase tickets. The cost is $129.90 … Read more

Pelican Eloquence


Getting to know the big birds in the sky Populations of the popular brown pelican ebb and flow on St. John like the tides. This particular year has not been particularly plentiful, so when one whooshes by, I take notice. Pelicans may be bulbous in silhouette, but in flight they are graceful and majestic, with … Read more

Calling St. John

All you really need to know is one number. Any number. There’s one thing that bonds all residents on St. John – the local phone book. Small, yet mighty, it’s the most used item on the desk of anyone who lives here.  The hefty official phone book from the phone company covers all of the … Read more

Where Do Turtles Sleep?

Snorkeling my favorite bay and hanging with a couple beautiful green sea turtles, I found myself wondering how they sleep. Where do they go? Do they float near the top for air, or take a big deep breath for about of sea slumber? In my lifetime, I have witnessed a fish sleeping and I’ll never … Read more

Dear Vacation Me


Oh, how I miss you! When I see you again, I promise I will give you my full attention. No checking emails, no calling the pet sitter. I owe it to you. You work hard and have many responsibilities, but none more important than taking care of your health. You can’t continue at this pace … Read more

Night Hike

night hiking St. John Island

Night Hike – Hiking by the light of the full moon on St. John is a spiritual experience. On the evening of the full moon this past Friday I took the pilgrimage down to Salt Pond and hiked the Ram Head trail to the top with about a dozen other enthusiasts. The hike took about … Read more

Donkey Don

Donkeys on St. John Island

Donkey Don – Being neighborly to the island’s beloved asses. Originally brought to St. John as work animals, donkeys today freely roam the island, choosing to stop on their own for a photo op, or a crunchy apple or carrot. Feeding the donkeys is “discouraged,” although they help themselves to trash bags overflowing at the … Read more

Turquoise Waters

Diving in turquoise water

Taking a Dive – Going beneath the turquoise waters around St. John to discover amazing scenes. I admit it: I’m not typically comfortable scuba diving. The heavy equipment strapped to my back, the tight ankle-to-neck suit, the crowded rocking, dark water as far as I can see, the possibility of death – you know, the … Read more