Bid Adieu to Buster

The news of the death of Buster, St. John’s domesticated one-eyed rooster, spread quickly across the island earlier this month. Owner Cheryl Geller notified close friends of the news and the sadness was shared by all who knew him. Cheryl rescued the battered chicken from a road accident in 2013 and two were inseparable ever since. Buster sat in the passenger seat riding shot gun, often tucked securely in a Kentucky Fried Chicken cooler bag or propped atop a large rubber duck floatie. Cheryl designed him pants (several pairs, color coordinated to his feathers) to keep him civilized. Many got to know Buster at the outdoor Tourist Trap restaurant (near Concordia and Salt Pond). Buster came to parties, restaurants, and even the movies, safely snuggled in Cheryl’s handbag, which from time to time would coo and cluck like, well, a chicken. Buster was legally registered as a companion animal so Cheryl could travel with him. To the person seated next to the chicken, do you know what a lucky duck you are? In every situation, Buster was most comfortable in Cheryl’s arms. So whatever you might think about chickens, Buster Keaton Geller was the best. A foul lover in heaven just got themselves a great pet. Godspeed, Buster!