Annaberg Hiking Trail


Annaberg Hiking Trail

Length: .03 miles / Difficulty: Easy

Annaberg Hiking Trail Location

The Annaberg Hiking Trail starts at the east entrance to Annaberg Plantation and ends at Leinster Bay. Accessible from North Shore (Rt. 20), Annaberg Plantation, and the nearby trail, are popular sites of interest if you’re visiting St. John.

From North Shore Road, follow signs for “Annaberg,” which is located just west of Maho and Francis Bays, about a mile downhill from the smoothie stand (where North Shore and Centerline meet.) You can take a guided tour hosted by the Virgin Islands National Park or Friends of the Park. For more information, visit

It is best to drive your vehicle to the Annaberg Hiking Trail, as the area sees few taxis. There’s a large parking lot before the trail entrance, picnic tables throughout the Annaberg plantation ruins, and even a port-a-potty facility managed by the Park. The Annaberg Hiking Trail is relatively flat in its entirety, as it follows the shoreline westward to Leinster Bay and connects with both the Brown Bay and Johnny Horn trails (both of which lead to Coral Bay.) Bring your snorkel, for popping in the water along the trail, or at the end at Leinster Bay, where you can snorkel the short and shallow distance to the small offshore island, Waterlemon Cay.